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Welcome! Catoninetail Cattery was established in 1983, starting off with my first love, the Siamese cat. After reading an article about the feral looking Ocicat, I developed an uncontrollable craving to own one. My first purchase was a tawny spotted female named Smokey Datz. Our first litter arrived February 1986, which included several elegant spotted tawny babies glowing with soft luster from bronze undercoats spotted with rich dark brown to coal black spots. With this first litter's birth, I was hooked for life, henceforth setting my future path to specialize in the tawny color. An Ocicat color which captures the enchanting colorful scene of a kitten that truly just stepped out of the jungle.

For current pictures and pricing of Siamese or Ocicat kittens Please Call 765-832-6400 or send us an E-MailE-Mail.

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